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Bearing Basics


Material for rings and rolling elements : ZXB select the best class chrome steel approved by well known brands for the premium bearings , standard material for rings and balls is a vacuum degassed ,through hardening chromium steel of high purity allowing for high efficiency, low torque, low noise level and long bearing life. For bearings requiring anti-corrosion or heat-resistance properties, martensitic stainless steel is used.

Chemical Composition of Bearing Materials

Material High Carbon Chromium Steel Stainless Steel
Symbol GC15 9Cr18
Chemical Composition% C 0.95~1.05 0.9~1
Si 0.15~0.35 0.8
Mn 0.2~0.4 0.8
P 0.025 0.035
S 0.025 0.03
Cr 1.4~1.65 17~19
Mo 0.08 0.75
Equivalent SAE52100


Cage materials
Bearing cage materials must have the strength to withstand rotational vibrations and shock loads. These materials must also have a low friction coefficient, be light weight, and be able to withstand bearing operation temperatures. For most standard bearings, cold rolled carbon steel pressed cages are used. Depending on the application, austenitic stainless steel ,polyamide or phenolic resins are used.

Steel No. Chemical Composition %
JISG 3141 C Si Min P S Ni Cr
SPCC <0.12 - <0.5 <0.04 <0.045 - -








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